Saturday, 21 November 2015

ProjectX - Intro Stage and some problems

So, it's been a while. I have been working with intro stage and now it's pretty good. There is no enemies or any cool game mechanics things right now. You can only run through the stage start to end and look how it looks like. We don't have our own graphics yet but I put placeholder graphics from Castlevania and other games in it. So I just replace the placeholder graphics when our own graphics are ready.

I have some problems with performance of the game. My second computer run the game very slow. This is not fallout4 so what might be the problem?  Min fps is set to be 25 and max no limit and Vertical synchronization is on. If I turn off the Vsynch the game not look smooth at all. And if I put min fps to 60 game slows down a lot.
Debugger says fps: 25fps and Time elapsed since the last image: 40ms.
I appreciate help a lot!

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