Friday, 27 November 2015

ProjectX - One problem solved, again!

I had a problem making one of the game mechanics. Shooting projectiles first 4 in front and then when you smash the button 4 or more times fast enough you can shoot projectiles three different directions by turns: diagonally up, diagonally down and straight front. I try to make lot of different things with variables and numbers, but never succeed. Then I had to ask for help from GDevelop forum and just like last time, I did get help and answer to this problem!
Now it works how it should be. Only difference is that after 4 projectiles you can keep button pressed and don't have to smash the button. But I think it's pretty cool so I keep it for now how it is.

But anyway, ProjectX is making progress and it's very relief that when I encounter overwhelming problem, I can get help from the forum!

Thanks Lizard-13 from GDevelop forum!

Projectile events

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