Tuesday, 1 December 2015

GDevelop Example - Simple Platformer Enemy AI

I made very simple enemy AI for platformer games, where enemy move back and forth while jump over obstacles.
Events how it works
(Enemy have platformer behavior)

This is how it looks


  1. I like it. I am new to GDevelop and I learn more - as much as I can. Perfect tool. Some tutorial would be great to be updated, but its ok. Any help to you guys, just let me know.

    1. Hi!
      GDevelop is a great tool to make 2d games! I think for making old school nes/Snes style of game this is perfect.
      Well in gd4 and 5 there are same event system so I'm too lazy to update my tutorials/Examples, because they works in both (if there is no extension in tutorials which don't work in 5). And you can always convert those example files to .JSON using gd4 and open it with gd5 :)

    2. Hi,
      OK, thank you. There is always something new I can learn. I explore GDevelop and I just realize how perfect tool is this.