Monday, 25 April 2016

GDevelop - How To Make a Simple Level Up System

This is how you can make very simple level up system to your game.
Download dropbox Tutorial file! (Mega Here)  There is no "ExpBar" sprite in the file, but you can make it using Paint or other software. Size: height 2, width 1.

You can modify event 3 like this example:

Is there something you want to do with GDevelop, but you can't figure it out how to do that? Feel free to ask me and see if I can help you and make tutorial about it!


  1. bro, you have to include the assets, put it in a zip file

    1. Hi! There is really no assets in this tutorial, only text objects which is in the GDevelop. Or there is that "ExpBar", but it size is only 1x2 pixels. So it's really not that important to add in there (you can make it using paint or something else software). But thank you for the note, I have to clear that in the blog!

  2. Why dont you use mega or google drive instead of dropbox? Dropbox is very slow here