Saturday, 30 April 2016

GDevelop - Jumpy The Spider + Assets

Someone asked me to upload Jumpy The Spider + assets in here, so here you go! Events are pretty messy and there is mixed Finnish and English language, so sometimes it might be difficult to understand what is going on, but if someone is interested in to look at how I make it, now it's possible. Download Jumpy the spider Gdevelop file and assets HERE!

When preview, delete that action inside red circle. Because if you don't, it scale the game size of your screen.

Ps. If you are thinking about to use those assets in your game, please tell me about it!

Is there something you want to do with GDevelop, but you can't figure it out how to do that? Feel free to ask me and see if I can help you and make tutorial about it!


  1. i want to make a platformer hacker game but i can't figure how to make that 3d box collide perfectly , the player just hits the box before he even reach it (the box is the platform and the objects to jump over) and i want to draw a white line from the player to the computer to activate the hack hhh like watchdogs so if u could help i'll be so thankful