Thursday, 12 May 2016

GDevelop - Far Cry Primal!

Or maybe not, but something though! :D Many ideas and I can't never stick with one project, so here is the video about new project which includes testing things what I have done in about two days.


  1. i loved that AI , i have a game i want to make AI attacks player niit just walk left and right , how to make one ??

    1. I made that like this (or somehow like this): Player distance is below 21 pixels -> Do 1 to variable EnemyAttack
      And when player distance is more than 21 pixels -> Do 0 to variable EnemyAttack.
      Then There was some timers somewhere. I made that a bit complicated way when I look at the events now, but I suggest you just try that and if that doesn't work, add and change events.