Saturday, 27 August 2016

GDevelop - How To Make a Simple Jump Pressure Control (or something like that)

This is how I made player jumping control to my game. So idea is that when you press jumping button fast, player only jump little and when you keep the button pressed, player jumps higher.
I know there is many ways to make this work, but this is just one example. Download example HERE!
You have to make higher jump to reach higher platform.



  1. This is a good way, you might want to use "do -100*TimeDelta() to variable Jumpheight of Player" in the 4th line of your code.

    You also don't even need the variable Jumpheight, you can use "do -100*TimeDelta() to the gravity applied on Player".

    But these are minor nitpicks.

    1. You need to: "do -10000*TimeDelta() to variable JumpHeight of player" to make it work almost as it's shown in the example :D If you do only 100*timedelta, there is no effect.

      Yeah that is true! I don't know why I used variables for that :D

      Thank you for comment!

  2. amazing work , hope one day comes and i can make my own games

    1. Thanks! :) Start learning with GDevelop tutorials and you can begin to make your own game in no time! :)