Monday, 26 September 2016

GDevelop - How to make a simple torch (light and fire)

This is very simple example how to make a torch with fire and light. There is great example in GDevelop examples folder where is different effects using particles emitter. Including more realistic fire. Download example HERE!

This is the particles emitter edit screen. I recommend you to change those values and see what differences it makes.
As you can see this fire is good for pixel games.


  1. i was wondering what is the grabbing platform ledge ??? is it like the parkure games when the player hang from the ledge ??

    1. I tested that out and yes, it seems to be like, you can make player hang on ledges just like the option says. Just mark player and platform properties that object can grab ledges and try to change x and y offsets to get best results.

    2. and what R the uses for the x and y offset ?? did that mean how far the player from the ledge ? ,i think that's is a great !!, i've tried to make the player change the animation while hanging and while on the ladder but on the ladder didn't went good the player just float beside the ladder , what du u think the problem ??

    3. and also is there any way to make costume ur player thing ?? i have the graphics and i did this in another engine but i want to do it here (just put on the cap and ware some shirts(or maybe just change the clothes color))

    4. Yeah I think X and Y offset means that; how far the player can grab the ledge. I didn't understand your problem about animations. I start making tutorial/example about that ledge grab thing and maybe I try put that "watchdogs" thing in it what you asked. I think you should make all animations with all costumes to make it work. Or if your graphics are simple, it's easy to change clothes color: add an action -> sprite -> effects -> global color.