Tuesday, 13 September 2016

GDevelop - How To Make Wall Jumping

So this is how I thought the wall jumping can be made. I know this can be done many different ways and absolutely sure that this can be made easier/simpler and "right" way, so if you have been made this different and better way, please comment :)
Download the tutorial Here! There comments in the events.


  1. i think it would be better if u told us how did u build the game logic and tell us why did u choose this event and how to get use of other events and explain every thing cuz this will help me even further and thanks

    1. That is good idea and I have thought about to make that kind of tutorial when I have free time enough! :)

    2. do you have a facebook account ?? so we can communicate better and i will show you my projects and take tips from you and new tricks to make better games