Friday, 23 September 2016

My side project demo is out! Go and test it out and don't forget to rate it!

year 2xxx...
Humanity is infected with an unknown virus, which is about to kill the human race.

The best scientists found the ingredient for the antidote from meteorite,
but unfortunately it perished before scientists managed to craft any cure for the virus.

Scientists searched out the space and finally found what they were looking for:
Planet where the Meteorite was came from!

After hard training and preparation of the one volunteer, government send him to
the unknown planet to look for the ingredient.

Mission TUNDMATU is about to begin.


  1. nice job , well indeed my friend

    1. Thank you! I would appreciate if you could rate the game in Gamejolt, if it is not too much to ask? :) You have to be logged in to rate, but that is not too big thing to do :P

    2. of course it's not too much to ask but can i ask u how to use the grape eadge thing ?? i want the player to be able to hange from the side of the tiles and climp up or jump down the floor can Gdevelop do this at the first place ???

    3. i'll rate it tomorrow cuz my internet today can't open the page and it says chick you internet connection

    4. Thanks! There is an option when you choose platform object behavior "Ledges can be grabbed", but I haven't test it out yet. I can try to test it out how it works, but maybe you should ask from forum ( if someone has tested it out already :)