Tuesday, 11 October 2016

TUNDMATU - Weekly or Monthly report! Part 2

What’s going on?

Last week I did not have a time to make the game as much as I wanted to, but here is something:
-I fixed sounds and music and change and add some things in the map.
-Add backgrounds
-I practised pixel art and drew an enemies:
-Here is a video so you can see how difference the game is compared to the demo version (Boss battle music is not final, just placeholder):

I had to record in window size 800x480 and 30 fps and still it lags and particle effects looks difference! Maybe it’s time to get a new computer! :D


  1. and yeah maybe it's the time to get a new pc ;)

  2. if i didn't watch u playing i wouldn't B able to beat the game !!! the map is confusing @.@ but now i know where to go hehehe

    1. Heh :D you can't see everything on the video, though ;)