Monday, 3 October 2016

TUNDMATU - Weekly or Monthly report!

First I’d like to thank you all who have been played the demo. Special thanks for those who followed, rated or commented.

So, what I have been doing?

-Last week I started to make save system for the game. So it’s like real save thing and not like in the demo where it was more like a checkpoint or something like that.
-I made a map larger. Now it’s about 2 times bigger than demo map. I have been thinking that the size of the final map will be something like 4 -6 times bigger than the demo map (realistically I think it’s more closer 4 times bigger than 6, but we’ll see).
-I change the player character a little bit. I think it’s better now, what do you think?
-I also start making new weapons and one of them is anti-gravity weapon (or whatever you want to call it), which enables to move some obstacles away. May be useful at some points!

I think that’s all what I managed to do last week!


  1. WOW nice !! and it's a very nice idea using laser to move objects hhhhh ur awesome man hhh it's a very nice game

  2. i want to play the game but i don't know how to use game jolt i cant find the game source to download

    1. Thanks! Here is the link to play:
      There is Download button where you can download the game! :)

    2. sorry i was so stupid and hurry to ask B4 searching very well hhhh i found it and the game is soooooooooooo wow the idea and the map ah man fallen in love i think better graphics may lead this game to the top of the best indie games

    3. hehe :D Yeah graphics could be better, but I'm not sure do I want change that 8-bittish style :P Or 8-bit style can be very great when you have the skill to make one (Example: Shovel Knght), but I am not graphic designer, so I don't know can I make better :D
      But thank you for those kind words!

    4. you r welcome my friend and hope i finish my game but i need more skills and time to learn them