Thursday, 20 October 2016

Weekly or Monthly report! Part 3

Mostly I have been doing pixel art for the game (Backgrounds, tiles, enemies etc).
Also, I have been working with the map and make it further.
Here is some pictures:
I made the eyeball monsters a little bit better looking.
Some lavafalls
Solving a puzzle using anti-gravity weapon
New enemies
Mountain view and a big tree.


  1. man that's soooooooooo great !! and the mountain with the tree looks awesome ! u r getting too far and i can't catch up with u speed wow i hope one day i get to learn this engine. but for now i need to stop cuz i have school

    1. Thanks man!
      I have made a lot of changes when comparing to a demo version! I'll write about those changes in this week.
      You'll learn, it takes time though :)

    2. i'll be watching and waiting