Friday, 28 October 2016

Weekly or Monthly report! Part 4 - Changes
I made changes, a lot of changes:

When I was making the map further, I realize that jetpack mechanic is too "good". What I mean about that is you could fly using a jetpack almost 2 rooms height (when regulate the "fuel") and that’s not good.
That’s why it was very difficult to make anything challenging jumping obstacle things in the map, or even harder enemies. It made everything too easy.

So, I changed jetpack to double jump. When you get a jetpack module, it means you can double jump (no, you don’t have to activate that like a jetpack in the demo). It is like jetpack boosted jump.

Maybe I put old jetpack in the later game as an upgrade… Who knows.

And because of that change, I had to change the map also. In the beginning of the game you can use only normal jumps so I had to add some platforms and walljump things here and there, but I think it’s a lot better now.

What else I have done besides the changes:
-In the game there is indoor and outdoor areas.
I worked with the cameras, so when you are in the caves, camera goes room to room, but when you go outside, camera will follow the player horizontally.

-Walljump animation
-Made map further as always
-Made new enemies
-Start making some dialog


  1. I will purchase this project with your eyes closed, when it will be available in the market. A small timeless masterpiece, a must for any longtime player like me (1984). I like very much.