Sunday, 27 November 2016

Weekly or Monthly report! Part 5 - Small Update

In this month I haven’t got a time, or I think it’s better say I haven’t got an energy to make this game much further because I got a job, so I really don’t have huge updates to show you right now.
But don’t worry! Even though I have lesser energy and time, the game is progressing. Slowly but surely :P

So what I have done in this month:
-Optimize the game a lot. Made events smarter and better.
-Encounter a huge fps drops and tried to figure it out what is going on and after a day or two I found that in about +20 events there were an action to create a background every time player goes to a new room… I was Inadvertently forget to delete that one action before copy/paste the events… But I am glad that problem was so small :D
-Made the map further as always

I think that’s all for now!


  1. Gorgeous! graphic style and beautiful particle effects. I really like the retrogaming style, perhaps because I have nearly 40 years? Council to advertise your project anywhere! do you know your work, because merit much more than many developers building garbage and sell them at a high price. See you soon, friend :)

    1. Nes/(especially)Snes era style is the best :P
      Yep advertising is important but I haven't done it so much for now. First I want to make this game further and then make some trailers etc. :D
      Yeah, there is a lot of garbage games with a high price tag, but I don't think they sell too well :P