Sunday, 11 December 2016

New Pc = Better Tutorials & Better Videos Of My Games

Tomorrow or day after tomorrow I FINALLY get a new pc! And what that means is I can make a better tutorials and finally start working some kind of trailer video of my game Tundmatu.

Now it has been pain in the ass to record or edit any videos, because I can't record the whole screen almost at all (maybe <5min and everything freezes). And when talking about recording Tundmatu at full screen.... I can't do that even 1 second :D So every videos of my games is recorded 400x240 or 800x480 with 30fps (+Lagging and slowing down a lot).
I hope you see soon >60fps full screen gameplay footage of the Tundmatu!

Then I was thinking about to start streaming the making of Tundmatu or making tutorials/examples on live so people could tell me what they want to see/learn and I make (or try to make) it right away and then upload the tutorial so you can download it.

What are your thoughts about that?

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