Saturday, 4 March 2017

GDevelop Tutorial/Example - Camera Tutorials/Examples

I made two examples about camera.
First is how to make camera transitions room to room and second one is how to make the camera follow the player only in certain places.
Download the examples HERE!

Room to Room transition


Camera Follow


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  1. HI Your tutorials have helped me out a lot as Im new to Gdevelop. I was wondering if you could help me with this issue.I have a character that has an idle, walk, jump, and uppercut animation as well a platform character behavior on it.
    When I try to add a condition and an action to play the attack animation, the character shakes slight but does not do the animation. I have seen comments of people saying that you have to have the character enter a state, play the attack animation, and setup another state where the character returns to the idle animation. Im new to Gdevelop and do not know how to set this up. I would really appreciate if you would upload a picture of the code in Gdevelop 5 showing how to do this. Thanks in advance.